German Future Prize 2016
Laser lights in cars: <br>a new part of automotive history

Laser lights in cars:
a new part of automotive history

German Future Prize 2016

© Deutscher Zukunftspreis / Ansgar Pudenz

Laser light in cars

Throwing light on a safer future

The word “laser” evokes images of the future and superlatives. And rightly so, as it provides the basis for lighting applications that are not possible with existing light sources such as LEDs.

Project partners OSRAM and BMW have together developed a light source and headlight technology for laser light in cars. This sophisticated innovation has been on the market since the middle of 2014 and in series production since 2015 in the shape of the BMW i8 and the new BMW 7 Series.

With the projekt "Laser light in cars - with safety and vision into the future", a team from OSRAM and BMW was nominated for the "German Future Prize 2016".

Presenting the innovation

Production of the first laser module with LARP technology (Laser Activated Remote Phosphor) meant that for the first time, a white light source could be made available on an industrial scale for lighting applications. Based on laser light, combining energy efficiency and extremely high luminance. Lighting applications are now possible in dimensions and output levels that were previously unrivaled.

More information: Interview with Dr. Carsten Setzer and Christian Amann, representatives of the teams from OSRAM and BMW (german)

© Deutscher Zukunftspreis / Ansgar Pudenz

The Prize

The German Future Prize is awarded annually for outstanding innovation following a national benchmarking round – 2016 will be its 20th anniversary. The aim of the prize is to draw public attention to the innovative potential existing in Germany and highlight the relationship between technical innovation and job creation.

On the 30th November, the 2016 German Future Prize was awarded.

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